Sunday, February 17, 2019

Card Show Visit & Jordan's

Listening:  to our daughter play Barbie's

This morning I dipped into the pack stash and opened one fat pack of 2018-19 Hoops.  Why not?  I actually needed four of the RCs in the pack for my set so that was nice:

The four inserts included these three keepers:

And the fourth was a Giannis I didn't have yet!

The remaining base cards have been posted on my For Trade list:

There was a card show at the local mall this weekend.  I couldn't make it out there yesterday as we had swim lessons, lunch, shopping, and a movie.  The local theatre finished its recent run of classic animated films with Beauty and the Beast.  So let me get this straight - Beast imprisons Belle's father for the heinous crime of stealing a rose.  Belle then comes to the castle and takes her father's place as Beast's prisoner; forever.  If ever there was a recipe for true love...  I headed over to the mall today and checked out the show.  They typically hold only three shows a year, usually Feb, Apr, and Oct.  The shows are a challenge for me as the primary focus is vintage baseball and Packers; two areas in which I have no interest.  With the rise of Giannis and a couple of strong rookie classes recently, basketball offerings have picked up a bit.  Football offerings are pretty solid, while hockey is virtually non-existent.  The second table I visited had a good sized box of football RCs I perused.  I even managed to find a couple 1989 Score I needed.  For $5 I picked up five cards.  Manningham, Toomer, and Woodson for the Michigan collection, and Taylor & Rison for the 1989 Score set.  I commented to the dealer how pleased I was to find some key RCs for the 1989 Score set I'm building and he comes back with a sharp looking Aikman he had tucked away. 

I poked around at the other tables but nothing really grabbed me.  Walked away from using only one $20 bill.  Sure, a bigger haul would have been nice, but I am really happy with the three 1989 Score's and Woodson RC.

I never go to the mall.  On the way out of the mall though I walked by Foot Locker and had to pop my head in just to see.  The Infrared 6's came out yesterday.  I had those in high school... sophomore year I believe... MJ's first title.  Girl comes up and tells me from here to the door all shoes are 25% off today.  "Does that include these three columns of Jordan's?"  "Yes."  I grew up with Jordan's.  I had the original red and black 1's as a fifth grader.  Had various other pairs through junior high and high school.  I care nothing about fashion and labels, but I am still a sucker for Jordan's.  You know what happened next...

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Who knew blogging would be such a chore?

Watching:  NBA All-Star Saturday Night on TNT

First post since Tuesday.  The snow we received to start the week meant several rounds of shoveling and put me behind the chains for the rest of the week.

Diallo's dunk over Shaq was ridiculous!  Should have ended the contest right there and handed him the trophy.

Received a number of packages this week.  I will try and cover these in the order received.

I had a small trade with TCDB member rodine; our first trade.  Unfortunately, I accidentally deleted the photo.  The trade included one 1984 Topps and a few 1991 Topps baseball cards.

Next up a "submit an offer" eBay purchase of another 1997-98 Finest silver lot.  27 cards in total - 15 go toward the set while the remaining 12 are now on my For Trade list.  Completion rate up to 77%:

My first trade with TCDB member TheMacman513 is up next.  This trade covered all four sports.

Continuing with the "first trade with a TCDB member" theme, we have a football trade with wireguy66.  Two set builders start us off (1989 Topps Traded and 1991 Score):

The remaining cards all go toward the Michigan collection:


And rounding out the "first time" theme is my first trade with TCDB member Driverk8.  We start with set builders (1984 Topps (86%), 1989 Score (70%), and 2018 Prestige (75%)):

Followed by some Michigan additions:

And round this trade out with one Belfour:

And finally, I received a surprise package this week from TCDB member herbinator.  We have never traded before so Shane went out of his way to track down my address and send me these cards. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

I live on the planet Hoth & One Trade

Watching:  Michigan vs. Penn State on BTN

Fun day.  Was shoveling snow at 4:30 this morning.  Then walked to work at 5:45 am because 1) our street had not been plowed and 2) I feared being plowed in once I parked at work.  Got back home around 5:30 pm and shoveled again.  All-in-all I think we picked up a good ten inches of snow.  Given the way the streets in our neighborhood still look I may walk to work again tomorrow.

One package today; a trade with TCDB member TheMacman513.

Two cards going toward the 1990 Upper Deck baseball set:

For basketball we have one 2018 Contenders Draft Picks and half a dozen 2018-19 Prizm inserts and parallels:

One card each for the 1984 and 1989 Topps football sets:

And finally the lone hockey card goes to the Hawks collection:

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Cribs, eBay, & Trades

Watching:  Magic vs. Bucks on Fox Sports Wisconsin

Spent the late morning and early afternoon putting a crib-changing table combo together.  This was after putting a bed together on Thursday and moving another bed down to the basement.  Of course after you put a piece of furniture together you then have to play "Let's rearrange all the furniture in two rooms!"  I'm sore.

Giannis was his superstar self last night vs the Mavs, but what about new Mav Trey Burke?  18 points off the bench! 

Michigan picked up a nice revenge win vs the Badgers today at Crisler. 

Four packages in the mail today - two eBay purchases and two trades with TCDB members.  This is the order in which I opened them:

1.  A small eBay purchase starts us off.  Picked up two 2018-19 Prizm parallels for $0.55 and free shipping.  Pretty good deal for two Michigan additions:

And the kicker, he included some extras.  The three Rubio's go to the For Trade list, but the other three I actually needed for sets so that's a nice bonus:

2.  The other eBay purchase consisted of Giannis and Michigan cards.  Two Giannis cards - 2018 Father's Day and 2018-19 Donruss base:

Four nice Webber additions to the Michigan collection (SkyBox Dominion Power Play Plus, Topps Rise to the Occasion MEM, Classics SN999, and Spectra base):

And this second eBay purchase rounds out with two Trey Burke and four Tim Hardaway Jr additions.  The Totally Certified parallel pair are SN149:

3.  On to the trades.  First up another trade with karsal; this one is strictly hockey.  We start with two Belfour's and a Hossa RC for the Hawks collection:

And we finish with 15 Michigan collection additions:

4.  Today's second trade, the fourth and final package overall, was my first trade with TCDB member DukeyDevil.  Great looking cards, packed well, and shipped quickly.  This large trade is nothing but set builders - a few football, but mostly baseball.  We start with five 1983 Topps additions:

I have been working on finishing off sets I started as a kid.  While my first cards as a kid were 1983 Topps baseball and football, especially football, the first baseball cards I can actually remember buying are 1984 Fleer.  I can remember my Grandma buying me rack packs at the local Sentry grocery store.  I only had about 1/3 of the set and had yet to include the set on my Want List, but Craig had tons available so I jumped at them.  Below, the stack of 380 1984 Fleer cards received bringing my completion rate up to 98.2%:

Rounding out the baseball portion of the trade we have a stack of 61 1984 Topps bringing that completion rate up to 94.6%:

Moving on to football we start with 47 1982 Topps cards:

I finally obtained the final four cards I needed for the 1988 Topps set!

And finally, four additions to the 1989 Topps Traded set:

Friday, February 8, 2019

GM Giannis & Finest Addition

Watching:  Bucks vs. Mavericks on Fox Sports Wisconsin

No post yesterday - no trades, no purchases, no pack stash.

Giannis and Lebron drafted their NBA All-Star teams last night.  I caught it after-the-fact last night on Facebook.  It was actually pretty entertaining.  Certainly drummed up quite a bit of interest of buzz.  Giannis could use a little work on his GM skills though.  I feel Lebron got the better of him.

One package today - a "Best Offer" eBay purchase made at the beginning of the week.  I picked up a lot of 20 1997-98 Finest Silver base cards.  14 of the cards go toward the set and bring my completion rate up to 72%:

The remaining six cards are dupes I will post to my For Trade list:

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Jerusalem-Tel Aviv Commercial & Two Trades

Watching:  Wizards vs. Bucks on ESPN

Two packages arrived today - both trades with TCDB members.

Am I the only one seeing this Jerusalem-Tel Aviv tourism commercial about a dozen times each evening?  Sunny...  It's nice to see those young women soaking up all of the history Israel has to offer.  How convenient that it can all be found at the local beaches and clubs. 🙄 Hmmm, perhaps a tad too cynical on my part...

Reports are the Bucks and Pistons agree to swap Thon Maker and Stanley Johnson.  There simply weren't minutes for Thon with the Bucks.  Thon's a good kid.  Hopefully he can get some floor time with the Pistons and show some growth. 

1.  My first trade with family1 was small but very fruitful.  I completed the 1989 Donruss Baseball's Best and Topps Mini sets, as well as two 1990 Fleer insert sets (All-Star Team and Soaring Stars).

2.  Next up my fourth trade with karsal.  Our trades are usually a nice mix of the big four sports, but this one is hockey heavy.  A single basketball card that brings my 2016-17 Prestige rate up to 96.5%.

The remainder of the trade is strictly hockey.  One half of these go toward the Michigan collection:

While the other half is destined for the Hawks collection:

Bucks put up a 50 spot in the first quarter.  Nice.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

More Finest Additions

Watching:  Michigan vs. Rutgers on BTN

I don't have anything clever, creative, amusing, etc. to share tonight.  Chalk it up to posting later than usual on a work night.

One package in the mail today, a trade with TCDB member Dantheman.  This is already our third trade in 2019.  I continue to chip away at Dan's stash of 1998-99 Finest traders.  Here are the 18 that arrived today:


These additions push my completion rate up past 40%.