Thursday, April 18, 2019

Good Thing I Checked the Mailbox First Today

Watching:  Around the Horn on ESPN2

Five, count 'em, five packages in the mail today - all trades with TCDB members.  Thank God I was able to check the mailbox before my wife.  She would have blown a gasket if she had opened the mailbox to see five packages of cards.  For my own self-preservation it might be time to consider renting a PO box.  As for reviewing the contents of these trades, a numbered list seems the cleanest way of attacking these five trades.

  1. My third trade with Crod1991 yields two Michigan cards:

  2. My second trade with FiresNBeers includes Topps baseball set builders (1983, 1984, and 1991):

    2018 Donruss football RCs for the set:

    Michigan basketball and football additions:

    And a Julio Jones for the Bama collection:

  3. My first trade with mrmike consisted of nothing but Michigan football additions:

  4. My second trade with deasley_1 also included nothing but Michigan football cards:

  5. My first trade with rsemu included stacks of 1990 Upper Deck and 1991 Fleer set builders:

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

The House of Habsburg

Watching:  Flipping back and forth between Bruins vs Leafs on NBCSN and Pacers vs Celtics on TNT (waiting for Pistons-Bucks to tip shortly)

Busy sports night last night.  I was flipping back and forth through several games all night.  The 62 win Lightning were swept out of the first round.  Ouch.  The Isles swept the Pens.  OK in my book.  Christian Yelich continued his ridiculously hot start with a 3 run homer in the 5th vs the Cards.  The Magic-Raptors game was an absolute dud.

Today's Sol Pais saga dominated the online news while I was working.  I feel for all those school children and their parents in Colorado who had to deal with the stress of a potential Columbine repeat.  Can you imagine - school's closed today because of a potential mass shooting threat?  I feel for the girl's parents.  That must be such a helpless feeling to have your daughter just take off and learn she is the focus of an FBI manhunt.  And I feel for the girl.  I read some of the writings she left behind.  She was clearly a very bright girl; she wrote extremely well.  It was also very clear that she had some very dark thoughts and likely had a mental health condition.  It is sad that she took her own life, very sad, but at least no other lives were lost.

One package today, one that traveled approx. 5000 miles.  This is my first trade with TCDB member holhoa96 of Hungary.  Fairly straightforward trade; I sent some 2018 football in exchange for some late 90s basketball.  Set builders to start, including some Stadium Club (yea!):

And a pair of Michigan additions completes the trade:

The crazy thing is I have a couple of Canadian trades that were initiated at the same time as this Hungarian trade and those have yet to arrive.  The lag that exists in the cross-border US-Canada trades is pretty ridiculous given the proximity.  For example, driving to Dallas would take me a good two hours longer than driving to Toronto.  I could reach Calgary before I reach Disney World.  Does my PWE really need to take two weeks to get here?

Monday, April 15, 2019

From the Free Throw Line!

Watching:  The Giant Pear on Netflix

My wife had an appointment with her doctor this afternoon and they have scheduled to induce her late next week; assuming of course "Junior" does not arrive before then.  Given the cards I added to his collection today he should be eager to come out!

The Bucks won Game 1 yesterday by about 100 points; slight exaggeration.  I don't put much stock in that though given Blake Griffin was out.  I mean, when Thon Maker is in your starting lineup things are likely not going to go well for your team.  The big takeaway from this game is Giannis taking off from just inside the free throw line.  Insane!

Sad to see the footage of the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire today.  So much history, so many irreplaceable relics lost forever. 

Four packages in the mail today; two eBay purchases and two TCDB trades.  Both eBay purchases are a single 2019 Christian Yelich for "Junior's" collection.  The first is a 2019 Topps insert marking the 35th anniversary of the 1984 set:

The other is the 2019 Gypsy Queen base:

I like the Gypsy Queen cards.  If I were going to collect a baseball set this would be a good candidate.

On to the two trades received today.  First up my second trade with Tgrs_4_me.  A single baseball set builder to start (1984 Topps):

Three hockey additions for the Michigan collection:

And five for the Hawks collection:

The Tgrs_4_me trade concludes with cards for "Junior's" collection.  First a pair of 2019 Topps base Yelich:

Followed by some 2018-19 base hockey cards of players who excelled during the recently concluded regular season:

Last but not least, the day concludes with my seventh, yes, seventh, trade with PapaG321.  This was an unusually straightforward trade for Dan and I.  Usually our trades cross sports and cover a multitude of sets, but this time I kept my request simple; nothing but baseball set builders.  I received a small stack of 1990 Upper Deck and mid-size stack of everybody's favorite, 1991 Fleer:

Of course, Dan being the good guy that he is tucked six extras in, including a few Blackhawks I haven't gotten around to placing on my Want List (Larmer & Wilson):

Thank you very much, Dan!

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Random Wolverine Card Sunday - Edition Five

Watching:  NBA Tip-Off on TNT (waiting for Pistons-Bucks to tip)

The fifth installment of Random Wolverine Card Sunday delivers...


a 2010 Topps Brandon Graham.  Brandon began his career with Lloyd Carr and then finished it under Rich Rodriguez.  While RichRod's 2008 and 2009 teams were among the worst in UM history, Brandon performed consistently well, often saving his best performances for rivalry games.

Bonus story for a Sunday.  We took our daughter to the mall today to get her ears pierced.  Yes, we still have a mall.  Yes, it's seen better days.  Anyhoo, on the way out I popped into Barnes & Noble and finally picked up my copy of SI:

Now how do I add this to my TCDB collection?  KIDDING!

Saturday, April 13, 2019

Susan the Sasquatch

Listening:  Mark Normand Still Got It

We went and saw Missing Link this evening.  Not bad.  Our daughter enjoyed it and neither of us nodded off so that's a strong review from our household.

The NBA playoffs started this afternoon and both Philly and Toronto lost Game 1 at home.  Interesting.  Nice to see Caris Levert with a solid outing.  Embiid's sore knee could be a big storyline in these playoffs.

The NHL playoffs are always unpredictable, but Tampa losing the first two at home and losing Kucherov for Game 3 is bonkers.  Teams should try and avoid winning the President's Trophy.

Received two packages yesterday but could not get to them until today.  Both are trades with TCDB members.  My first trade with Carter86 leads things off.  Junk wax baseball set builders to start, including 1990 Upper Deck, 1991 Fleer, and 1991 Topps:

An assortment of 1990s basketball set builders follows:

Next up, football set builders from 1989, 1990, and 1991:

Hockey set builders include 1990-91 O-Pee-Chee Premier and 1992-93 Ultra:

This trade also included a good number of additions for the Michigan collection, including both football and hockey:


Finally, the Carter86 concludes with some additions to the Hawks collection:

Yesterday's other package is my fifth trade with randylaw.  These trades always seem to be a nice mix across all four major sports.  More 1990 Upper Deck and 1991 Fleer set builders to start:

Basketball set builders next, including a nice stack of 1998-99 Topps:

One each for football and hockey sets:

Michigan additions include a pair of basketball cards and a handful of football cards:

One Belfour for the Hawks collection wraps up this fifth randylaw trade.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Based on the Weather the End is Nigh

Watching:  Toy Story 3 on DVD

On Monday it was 77 degrees.  Over the past 24 hours we have had snow, freezing rain, sleet, rain, torrential rain, high wind gusts, thunder, and lightning.  I had to shovel a couple inches of slush earlier today. 

One package today; my first trade with TCDB member itsjustoldcardboard.  What a terrific username.  This small PWE swap adds three more Yelich cards to "Junior's" collection:

We braved the elements for a Target run this morning.  Our daughter needed a plain light colored t-shirt for an art project at school.  Slow going but we made it.  Of course, on the way out we checked out the card section.  I hadn't picked up any packs in about two weeks so I was jonesing a bit.  I started with a couple more baseball packs for "Junior":

Then, I picked up a pair of blasters for me.  Someone even offered to help me open all of these packs:

We opened the 2018-19 Status box first:

19 veteran base cards to start:

Followed by 8 base RCs:

Four inserts, three veteran parallels, and four rookie parallels up next:

I let our daughter open the pack with the MEM card.  She gets a kick out of the "shirt cards".  And finally, a Giannis, and a Hardaway Jr for the Michigan collection:

The second blaster is a 2019 Leaf Draft.  :

This is the first Leaf football product I have ever purchased.  The Sage Hit box I picked up a few weeks ago was a huge disappointment so I was a tad hesitant to pick this up.  Base cards on the top row and Gold parallels on the bottom:

Flashbacks, Kyle Murray SPs, and two Autos:

The box concludes with a Devin Bush for the Michigan collection and eight additions for the Bama collection:

Not a bad product.  Light years better than this year's Sage Hit.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Wahoos & Ultrasounds

Watching:  PTI on ESPN2

Congrats to UVA on their first NCAA title.  Led by UW-GB alum Tony Bennett, the Wahoos had a Hell of a season as they exorcised the demons of last year's UMBC loss. 

We had an ultrasound today and got our first good look at "Junior".  Nice of him to cooperate:

One package today - a single card eBay purchase of a 2018-19 Cornerstones - Foundations Chris Webber:


One of my pet peeves about these modern MEM cards is when the swatch doesn't match the jersey pictured on the card.  For example, I think it's safe to assume this swatch came from a white jersey, but Chris is wearing a purple jersey in the photo.  Wouldn't it be fun to imagine that the swatch in your hand could be the exact jersey pictured?