Monday, August 12, 2019

Three Target runs in one day, duh

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I am playing catch up with the old blog today.  Nana (my mom) came up and spent three nights with us so that put the kibosh on card-related activities (blogging, inventorying, trading, etc.).

I made three trips to Target on Saturday; three!  During the first trip, a solo trip to pick up some household supplies, I bought a Topps Series 2 fat pack and a Chrome blaster.  All of the Series 2 cards have been placed on my For Trade list.  I pulled a Yelich insert, however, I already have one in Owen’s collection:
The Chrome was blaster was ok.  I pulled a few 2019 stars for Owen’s collection:
I’m holding onto four base RCs:
The remainder, including a few inserts and parallels, has been placed on my For Trade list:

Nana wanted to buy the kids some things so I found myself at Target again.  I picked up a Prizm multi-pack for Owen’s collection:

Saturday evening my wife came up with a list of four items that we absolutely needed now.  Could they wait until Sunday morning?  No.  My third Target run of the day ended with a Chronicles hanger box purchase.  I did pretty well as 14 of the 30 cards go toward building the base set:
Some decent RCs – a pair of Ayton’s, a Trae, a Bagley, a Bamba, and a JJJ.
The three green parallels include a Bagley:
The remaining 13 cards are duplicates placed on my For Trade list:

I received a single trade today; my third with joe0786 and it begins with some basketball set builders:
The trade wraps up with some 1991 football set builders:

Friday, August 9, 2019

A Boombastic Trade

Today's lone package is a PWE trade with Shaggy69 that begins with a pair of basketball set builders from the SkyBox family:

Michigan additions are up next; mostly basketball but there is a Brady:

The trade concludes with some Bama football additions:

Whenever I see the handle Shaggy69 on TCDB I wonder if I'm dealing with the man who gave us such gems as "Boombastic", "Angel", and "It Wasn't Me". 

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

A trade, a fat pack, a Bloss'em, and a Blume

Today's lone trade comes via TCDB member mrdonnee and consists solely of 2018 Donruss set builders:

I had to run out to Target after work to pick up a few cleaning supplies.  On my way to the check out I picked up one Chronicles fat pack.  Things are getting a little more challenging now.  Of the 15 cards only four go toward building the set:

My first Score card; that's nice.  The other cards are pretty nice as well (WCJ, Bamba, and Ayton).  I still really like that Studio design.  I miss it as a stand-alone set.
One parallel in the pack; a bronze Kyrie:

My second Score card is a Mo Wagner for the Michigan collection:

The remaining nine cards are all doubles, and in a few cases triples, headed for the For Trade list:

While at Target I also picked up a couple of things for our daughter.  I think the Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and Boomerang are primarily in the toy business.  My God, the constant of barrage of toy commercials.  And you'll see the same ads during every commercial break for two straight hours.  Over the past two weeks or so she has seen commercials for Awesome Bloss'ems and Blume.  Each time she blurts out, "I want that".  I finally found some in stock at Target today.  $6.99 for one and $9.99 for the other.  Very underwhelming but she loves them.  Sadly, we did not pull one of the rare diamond parallel dolls.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Katie Nolan & 3 trades

Three TCDB trades on today's docket.

I forgot about this...  While running to the post office over lunch on Friday I listened to Dan LeBatard and heard Katie Nolan's Woman 101.  Funny stuff.

  1. My second trade with CrimsonTider kicks us off today and includes 1983 and 1984 Topps set builders:
  2. My third trade with joe0786 adds some football cards to my Michigan collection:

    A trio of Bama football additions rounds out the trade:
  3. My fourth trade with MattnMiller concludes today's recap and includes baseball set builders (1990 UD, 1991 Score, 1991 Topps):

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Topps Chrome & Teen Age Riot

Listening:  Sonic Youth Daydream Nation

The first Saturday of college football is a mere four weeks away.  Four weeks.  This will be the 140th season of Michigan football.  My Michigan-Michigan St. ticket arrived a couple of weeks ago.  My brother-in-law is holding a Michigan-Wisconsin ticket for me.  I'm trying to convince my wife to let me take our daughter out to Ann Arbor for a game.  The three of us went as family to a game in both 2016 and 2017.  Last year didn't work out as my wife was pregnant.  I was in the grocery store yesterday and after checking out I walked by the magazine rack with its college football previews.  One had Michigan as #5.  I just don't see it.  They lost some talent off that defense and the offense has wilted time and again against good competition.  I think 9-3 is a realistic projection for Team 140.

Today's lone package is my second trade with TCDB member Driver8k and consists solely of football cards.  2018 Prestige set builders kicks things off:

Followed by some Michigan football additions:

The trade concludes with some Bama football additions:

As with many Saturday mornings I found myself out running an errand in the vicinity of our local Target.  I noticed earlier this week that Topps Chrome was released so I stepped into Target hoping to find some in stock...

As luck would have it, they had a few blasters in stock.  I forgot how much I like Topps Chrome.  So disappointing that Topps is not in the basketball business as Finest, Stadium Club, and Chrome rank among my all-time favorite offerings.
I pulled some stars of 2019 for Owen's collection:

This includes a McNeil Prism Refractor.
I pulled a handful of base rookies I will hold onto for now:

We'll see if any of them pan out.
I am placing the remainder of the cards, including three inserts and two parallels, on my For Trade list:

I also picked up a Chronicles hanger box as I have become quite fond of the set.  To this point I have been very lucky in pulling some strong rookies and only a handful of duplicates.  Something had to give eventually - of the 30 cards in today's only 13 go toward building the base set:

While there are only 13 cards here I did manage to pull Luka and Ayton rookies, as well as my second Obsidian.  Not too shabby.
Three green parallels were included in the box:

The Green Marquee pops nicely.
The remaining fourteen cards are all duplicates of base cards and will be available on my For Trade list:

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Woodley Additions

Listening:  Slayer Undisputed Attitude

Short post tonight...
Zach Greinke to the Astros?  Whoa.  That's quite the starting rotation.

A single PWE in the mail today courtesy of my fifth trade with Steelersfan.  Whenever I accumulate a few Steelers inserts/parallels I turn to Pete first because guys named Pete need to look out for each other.  Trading with Pete benefits me because he has a nice stash of Lamarr Woodley's on his For Trade list and I received six today:

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

2 Trades & a Pay It Forward

Listening:  The Police Zenyatta Mondatta

How about that Pirates-Reds brawl last night?  Here’s what I don’t get; why hasn’t MLB done something about the benches clearing brawls?  I remember the NBA in the 1980s and 1990s when benches clearing brawls were not uncommon.  The league finally said, “You leave the bench; you’re suspended.”  Viola!  You don’t see this in the NFL.  Even in the NHL where fighting is allowed, guys don’t leave the bench.   The oddest thing is that guys enter the fray from the bullpens.  Odd.

I missed out on another Webber printing plate.  The bidding ended on Monday night at over $80.  That’s a big number for me.

I received two TCDB trades today.  My third trade with figgman adds two dozen cards to my 1990-91 Score Canadian set:

My fourth trade with Thunderfoot is another football affair and begins with some 1991 set builders:
Followed by one Hoard and six Toomer’s for the Michigan collection:
The trade concludes with a nice assortment of Bama football cards:

One bonus item to close the night.  I received an additional package yesterday but could not work my way through it until today.  Billy Kingsley sent me a nice PIF out of the blue comprised largely of basketball cards, with a few hockey cards thrown in:

Each and every card is a card I do not have.
The package included one more card...

Billy sent a Chris Webber base card that I did not have!  Thanks for the cards Billy, and helping build my Webber collection.