Saturday, February 9, 2019

Cribs, eBay, & Trades

Watching:  Magic vs. Bucks on Fox Sports Wisconsin

Spent the late morning and early afternoon putting a crib-changing table combo together.  This was after putting a bed together on Thursday and moving another bed down to the basement.  Of course after you put a piece of furniture together you then have to play "Let's rearrange all the furniture in two rooms!"  I'm sore.

Giannis was his superstar self last night vs the Mavs, but what about new Mav Trey Burke?  18 points off the bench! 

Michigan picked up a nice revenge win vs the Badgers today at Crisler. 

Four packages in the mail today - two eBay purchases and two trades with TCDB members.  This is the order in which I opened them:

1.  A small eBay purchase starts us off.  Picked up two 2018-19 Prizm parallels for $0.55 and free shipping.  Pretty good deal for two Michigan additions:

And the kicker, he included some extras.  The three Rubio's go to the For Trade list, but the other three I actually needed for sets so that's a nice bonus:

2.  The other eBay purchase consisted of Giannis and Michigan cards.  Two Giannis cards - 2018 Father's Day and 2018-19 Donruss base:

Four nice Webber additions to the Michigan collection (SkyBox Dominion Power Play Plus, Topps Rise to the Occasion MEM, Classics SN999, and Spectra base):

And this second eBay purchase rounds out with two Trey Burke and four Tim Hardaway Jr additions.  The Totally Certified parallel pair are SN149:

3.  On to the trades.  First up another trade with karsal; this one is strictly hockey.  We start with two Belfour's and a Hossa RC for the Hawks collection:

And we finish with 15 Michigan collection additions:

4.  Today's second trade, the fourth and final package overall, was my first trade with TCDB member DukeyDevil.  Great looking cards, packed well, and shipped quickly.  This large trade is nothing but set builders - a few football, but mostly baseball.  We start with five 1983 Topps additions:

I have been working on finishing off sets I started as a kid.  While my first cards as a kid were 1983 Topps baseball and football, especially football, the first baseball cards I can actually remember buying are 1984 Fleer.  I can remember my Grandma buying me rack packs at the local Sentry grocery store.  I only had about 1/3 of the set and had yet to include the set on my Want List, but Craig had tons available so I jumped at them.  Below, the stack of 380 1984 Fleer cards received bringing my completion rate up to 98.2%:

Rounding out the baseball portion of the trade we have a stack of 61 1984 Topps bringing that completion rate up to 94.6%:

Moving on to football we start with 47 1982 Topps cards:

I finally obtained the final four cards I needed for the 1988 Topps set!

And finally, four additions to the 1989 Topps Traded set:

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