Saturday, January 12, 2019

Ripple & One PWE

Watching:  Colts vs Chiefs on NBC (muted)

Listening:  Grateful Dead, American Beauty

Slow day today card-wise.  Received one PWE from TCDB member stevienicks77 - our first trade.  Hmmm... I should be listening to Fleetwood Mac right now, not the Dead.  While the trade was small, all of the cards went toward sets.  The first half of the trade helped fill some baseball holes.  The Will Clark completes the 1988 Fleer All-Stars set.  I bought this as a box set back in 88 but apparently traded away the Clark at some point so this is a welcome addition.  I also received four 1989 Topps Minis.  I like that Topps did not simply reuse the photos from the flagship set on the minis.  I now need only two more to complete this small set (Canseco & Stewart):

McDonald's basketball cards made up the trade's second half.  Two toward the 91-92 Hoops edition and four toward the 92-93 Upper Deck version.  I don't many of the Hoops cards yet, but am on the doorstep of 75% for the Upper Deck set:

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